Campbell River Paddlers Club

Joining the Campbell River Paddlers Club

You will find two download buttons near the bottom of this page.  Please click these to download and print the Membership Application and the Paddle Canada Waiver.  Fill them in per the instructions on the forms and the information on this page.

If you are applying for a family membership please indicate each participating family member's skill level on the form.  ALSO all participants must fill in and sign a copy of the waiver.  Note:  There is a separate waiver for children under the age of 18.  Parents or legal guardians may use the Contact Us page to request a copy of that form.

As you fill in the application form you will be asked to select your skill level.  Here are the mentioned levels with some notes to help you assess your skill level.

Level Equipment Fitness Level Required Skills Type of Club Paddles
 Basic Any kayak or canoe Any Can do a wet exit and an assisted rescue Protected areas such as Campbell River estuary or McIvor Lake
 Easy Equipment suited to open water Can paddle two hours non-stop Same as Basic Along shore lines such as paddling south from Ken Forde and returning
 Intermediate Same as Easy Can paddle four hours non-stop Same as basic plus can do a self rescue and skills equivalent to Paddle Canada Level 1 Sea Kayaking Skills Includes crossings and possible moderate seas 

All levels require the ability to do a wet exit and an assisted rescueOur Intermediate level also requires the ability to do a self rescue.

If you have not received training in kayak rescues please take a class from a Paddle Canada Certified Instructor.  Note that once you have been instructed in kayak rescues you will need to practice until you are confident that you can complete them!

Paddle Canada Level 1 Sea Kayaking Skills training is available from a Paddle Canada Certified Instructor.

For some information about where to find sea kayak training read this article in our FAQ.

Equipment suited to open water: Your kayak should be a minimum of 14 feet in length and equipped with a rudder or skeg or otherwise designed for ocean paddling. Canoes must be designed for ocean paddling.

View and download Membership Application

View and download Paddle Canada Waiver